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Paul took a couple pictures of me in this pose commenting how sexy I looked.

I changed poses as Paul stood up and started moving around me taking pictures.

We set sail again after lunch, sailing for several hours until Paul headed toward land. Diane and Sue asked me if I wanted to go shopping with them and I declined.

I am saving for school, plus, secretly I guess I was more interested in being alone with two nice looking guys.

Paul gave me a wink and started talking about the pictures he took with the camera.

'I can hardly wait to get them developed, the scenery was the most beautiful I have ever seen".

I just smiled back at Paul and asked them if I could get them something to drink.Click here to read the first 75 lines of the story Click here to return to the index with quite refreshing.After a while checking out the sea life my back was getting pretty hot so I decided to get out for a while.As I posed in the sexiest ways that I know how Paul grabbed some oil and tossed it to me.

I grabbed it, tilting my head back I raised it above me and squeezed it letting the oil fall onto my neck and chest. I felt so sexy sitting on a towel in my bikini rubbing lotion on myself as he snapped away. I smiled at him devilishly as I ran my oily hands up my tummy under my bikini and around my breasts.As I started undressing I looked up at the window that I had seen Paul at earlier.