Android gmail widget not updating

11-Aug-2019 18:16

These apps are suggestions based on your recent usage.You will also notice actionable buttons in the app drawer for common tasks, such as opening an app to a specific section or starting a text message to your partner. With an improved Do Not Disturb feature, gesture navigation and smart recommendations, Android Pie has a lot to like.After updating your phone to the latest and greatest Android OS, however, there are a few settings you should consider changing right away.It’s been something that I’ve been wanting to do for years.As luck would have it, I found a great deal on Livingsocial where we could book this activity.Google is referring to the new feature as "visual disturbances." Do Not Disturb.

Because I used my Gmail account I received a reminder through my email.Part of Google's well-being program to help minimize the distractions that may suck users back into using a phone is to enhance the Do Not Disturb feature on Android Pie.