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02-May-2019 12:09

The following highlighted code shows the additions to the Grid View code.The Try Update Model method applies the matching data-bound values from the web form to the data item.The data item is retrieved based on the value of the id parameter.The validation attributes that you applied to the First Name, Last Name, and Year properties in the Student class are automatically enforced when updating the data.This tutorial builds on the project created in the first part of the series. The downloadable code works with either Visual Studio 2012 or Visual Studio 2013.It uses the Visual Studio 2012 template, which is slightly different than the Visual Studio 2013 template shown in this tutorial.The Dynamic Field controls add client and server validators based on the validation attributes.

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To keep tabs on the products (and their prices) ordered by these eighty-nine establishments, you have created an awesome grid utilizing the Dev Express ASPx Grid View. You open you grid and stare at the data wondering how you could possibly send all the information contained in the grid to your new hire. You could waive it over your computer screen, utter a few Latin magic spells that would make Hermione Granger proud, and have all your data magically appear as a listing on a paper on your GM’s desk. That’s where I come in to introduce you to the ASP. data in your grid into either a PDF, an Excel spreadsheet, or into an RTF. Only this time, we will transform the document into and Excel spreadsheet.In that folder, you will find the templates that are automatically applied to dynamic controls in your web forms.