Asus 701 bios updating

02-Apr-2019 19:33

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The joyous retro click of the floppy drive dragging me back to my PCs in the 90s. Both Free DOS’s shell and 4DOS have tab completion (although it works differently from .

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X550JK Specifications:- Processor Intel Core i7 4710HQ Processor Intel Core i5 4200H Processor - Operating System Windows 8.1 Pro Windows 8.1 - Memory DDR3 MHz SDRAM, On Board Memory 4 GB / GB, 1x DIMM socket - Display 15.6" Auto HD (1366x768) - Graphic NVIDIA Ge Force GT 820M ...If I’m honest, I’m attracted to unusual, old pieces of technology - old programmable calculators, old computers - my most recent aquisition for example is an Amstrad NC200 - a Z80 based laptop computer which comes with BBC BASIC, a stunning 128K of memory and a DD floppy drive.I dream of having the room for DEC PDP-8s, 11s, and 10s in my flat. A while back I went looking for something to do with my ancient ASUS Eee PC 701 netbook which had been sitting in a drawer for some time after several years of service during my Ph D.I don’t care about networking on machines I tinker on, and indeed due to my security paranoia, networks on old machines are an anti-feature! My DOS 6.22 floppies of 23 years ago were long gone.

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I wanted PC-DOS 7.0 (because it had REXX which I wanted to play with more) but it was quite hard to find legitimately (and I’m not a fan of piracy, even for abandonware). It was a little bit of a struggle to install on the machine, because the 701 is quite old, and some combination of its USB storage support and my USB DVD drive really didn’t like the format of the installer so it could boot but not see the install files, but thanks to the installer being well written I hit upon a workaround - boot off the CD and then read the install files off a separate USB stick.

It is ideal for the task as it’s extremely portable, but also because it’s stress and distraction free: I don’t have twitter in prodding me in the background. I don’t really have to worry about security or updates as it’s not connected to any networks. For the same reasons it’s an excellent machine for taking notes at meetings.

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