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02-Mar-2019 13:39

I always sl**p in aunt’s arms and she used to hug me closer to her while sl**ping. My aunt’s body always gives a smell, which we will feel coming from some kind of flowers.Time went away and I was 14 years old and was on 9th standard in high school.

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She asked me to take bath along with her saying that she removed my tshirt and unzip my pant and finally she was about to remove my underwear due to shyness I took her hands but she removed it saying I saw you naked from your young age then why are you she getting shy now I was completely naked in front of her and then she poured water and applied soap on my chest , hands , feet , thighs and then finally she applied soap in my penis that time I feel some current passing through me and I had a huge erection in front of her I tried to control it but I can’t control it . Some day’s aunt used to hug me very tightly and used to kiss me wild and used to rub my tool and she used to put her fingers inside her panty and moaned I never knew why she does this but now I undertand her she was hungry for sex .