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13-Mar-2019 04:41

If you were having performance issues using CPU encoding before, Shadowplay will most likely work 10x better that you swear that it doesn't appear to be recording at all.

Flash media encoder works better for me - am saying for me only.

_Monitor Capture is similar but captures the window regardless of where it was, this way you can for example capture the whole monitor or a sub-region of the screen.

But the most important capture type by far is _Game capture_, which allows users to record full screen captures of games.

There's also no de-interlacing, chroma key, color or gamma adjustment support. When my toy like goto programs stopped working or have issues.

It's also nice to have a more streamlined video encoder for gaming.Open Broadcaster lets you add different streaming profiles, each with its own settings.Each profile can have its keyboard shortcut to start or stop recording, custom resolution, frames per second or even the audio codec of choice.Privacy issues are a major reason to avoid this software.

FFSplit can't rotate, crop, pan, tilt or zoom sources.OBS has over 20 plugins to choose from, including one's that allow adding video files and any other media supported by VLC as a source, integrating Twich chat and switching scene depending on what window is in focus.