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05-Aug-2019 07:55

Dami takes on the latest dating trends, educating her readers about breadcrumbing (move aside ghosting) and tackling the often-asked questions like morning-after manners and Valentine’s Day tips for those flying solo.

Simply Oloni has grown from blog to book (100 questions) to podcast (Laid Bare), taking her dating advice to the masses.

With their Global Dating Insights Power Book launching on Valentine’s Day, this is one to watch to find out who’s who in the dating world and who’s set to shape the industry over the course of the year.

The fundamentals of working with bloggers are the same as with traditional journalists at traditional media outlets: respect their schedules; take time to read their material to learn their interests; and only contact them if/when they want to be contacted.

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With a no-nonsense writing style, Chelsea teaches her readers how to spot a ‘wasteman’ and the importance of having non-negotiables when dating.Hey Saturday’s blog answers all your questions about getting your profile picture spot on, from the things women dislike in men’s photos to perfecting your personal brand when online dating.

Depth comes from experience, and Larry has been honing his skills for the past forty years.… continue reading »

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