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24-Apr-2019 17:42

Baggage Reclaim continues to have a solid relationship with the number one spot.

Natalie Lue suffered with low self-esteem, bad boundaries, toxic relationships and a crippling immune system disease but after going into remission and developing her self-esteem in under a year, Baggage Reclaim was born.

Author of 14 best-selling books, James is dedicated to helping people embrace the dating scene and create more success stories and happy relationships.

A brand-new entry into our ranking is Lucy Goes Dating, created by ‘Lucy’ who prefers to keep her identity a secret, to the blog is a space for the mysterious author to put all her crazy dating experiences to good use.

Chelsea also posts about women’s issues highlighting the issue of street harassment and the impact Brexit has had on the world of dating.

Entering our ranking for the first time is Global Dating Insights.

Justin Myers created The Guyliner back in 2010 to share stories of the dates with guys he had lined up (see what he did there? Fans of The Guyliner and Justin can read his weekly column in GQ or his ever-popular and hilarious reviews of Guardian’s Blind Dates.

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The UK’s self-declared top celebrity dating expert and coach, James Preece, has over 14 years’ experience in the dating industry.

This blog is focused on keeping family relationships solid and what to work on to make things work when times get tough.