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” Relax: At the end of her day, Maren swears by a wind-down ritual to calm her mind and get ready for bed.“Social media, emails, and all other apps have really taken over our lives lately, so I try to put those away and read a book before bed.In addition to senior editor of My Domaine, Sophie's resume includes writing roles at The Huffington Post, ELLE, and many more., but when the studio lights switch off, she gets to do what she loves most: cook.First thing: Maren kicks off her day with a healthy habit that fellow celebrities Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow swear by.

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“I used these ‘ugly greens’ by Gotham Greens, which would typically be discarded, and mixed them with other greenmarket produce for a salad to go along with the pizzas.” Dessert: “Dessert is never a question for me—it always has to happen, and my freezer is stocked with baked goods,” says Maren.“I get stressed pretty easily as I overthink and over-analyze everything,” she says.