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The stooge blithely pulled her lever over and over, never failing to dump a marshmallow into the other monkey's cage.Initially, the other monkeys responded in kind, pulling their own levers 50 percent of the time."The capuchin has a small brain, and it's pretty much focused on food and sex," says Keith Chen, a Yale economist who, along with Laurie Santos, a psychologist, is exploiting these natural desires -- well, the desire for food at least -- to teach the capuchins to buy grapes, apples and Jell-O."You should really think of a capuchin as a bottomless stomach of want," Chen says.This first step allowed each capuchin to reveal its preferences and to grasp the concept of budgeting.Then Chen introduced price shocks and wealth shocks.

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"They'd throw their feces at the wall, walk into the corner and sit on their hands, kind of sulk." Chen is a hyperverbal, sharp-dressing 29-year-old with spiky hair.Chen proudly calls himself a behavioral economist, a member of a growing subtribe whose research crosses over into psychology, neuroscience and evolutionary biology.