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10-Mar-2019 13:51

When you believe the other person “gets” you — or at least an aspect of you — you instantly feel more seen and known, which is a precursor to feeling more connected.

While men are certainly capable of getting to know women and eventually sparking this “feeling seen” sensation in them, there’s good reason to believe that women spark it faster.

You must also feel like that person appear to care about what you’re saying, confiding will feel like a mistake.

You’ll feel like you took a risk, made yourself vulnerable, and it backfired.

Having a woman support group and women friends is very important for women to feel supported and listened to. Conversations regarding philosophy, science, politics, economics, engineering, computers, etc.

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As psychologist Carolyn Cutrona succinctly put it, “…the amount of time spent interacting with females was a strong negative predictor of loneliness for both males and females; the more time students spent with women, the less lonely they were.” Should people prioritize time with women over time with men when they’re feeling lonely?

Thank you, Ipek Aykol, LMFT#97315 I've often found the same thing. I was unfortunately a good listener to both men and women. Or when I see women try to participate in these types of discussions, their points are heavily driven by emotion, they grossly overestimate their intelligence, and they are unable to admit when they're wrong.

Men don't listen or listen to women less than they do men. Men rarely reciprocate, but want you to be empathic to them (yawn). When somebody feels lonely, it's no surprise that they feel better around women.

This reciprocal willingness of women to share private information — or “self-disclose” — builds upon itself when two women interact.

Double the women may mean double the understanding.And I'm not just talking about "feeling" conversation s, but conversations about a multitude of subjects. She's very empathetic and much closer to that feminine ideal.

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