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"Bubbly" was also used for promotions for a variety of TV channels, such as Channel 7 in Australia. She soon released her first album "Coco" with Mikal Blue, her friend and major producer and his long standing work-friendship with Jason Reeves. This was a rather personal acoustic, intimate sonically, album. This album lead to immense success with the songs "Bubbly", "The Little Things" and "Realize".She used her friends daughter as inspiration for a song called "Capri" on the album. Also during this time she got picked to take part in a song called "Breathe" on Taylor Swift's Fearless album.I appreciate Caillat’s relaxed and easy-going songs, but she seems to have picked the wrong tempos for her Christmas album.Songs like “Baby It’s Cold Outside” are too rushed, lively and uncomfortably energetic, whereas “Auld Lang Syne” drags its feet, and seems suddenly bittersweet in the midst of a cheery album.She picked up piano when she was 5, on the advice of her parents, and guitar when she was 19.Her parents have been calling her "Coco" since she was an infant.

She's known for pouring her heart into her work, really working hard on her stage presence and being cute and "Bubbly".

The collection of songs is the common Christmas bunch, spun in different directions with unique instrumentation and tempo.

Caillat’s cover of “Merry Christmas Baby” is particularly unconventional with the added country twang of Brad Paisley’s vocals instead of the usual R&B style the song necessitates.

She also did a song called "Somethin' Special" for the Bejing Olympics in middle to late 2008 and this song featured on it's soundtrack.

Soon after the release of this album she finished her album called "Breakthrough".

Family Life She is the daughter of Diane and record producer Ken Caillat.

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