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11-Jun-2019 07:44

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Consolidation loans can be used to simplify both private and federal student loan repayment, but borrowers with federal loans from the Department of Education may want to first consider a Direct Consolidation Loan.This is a loan program that can be used to consolidate multiple federal student loans to secure a single fixed interest rate and monthly payment as well as an easier repayment strategy.Federal student loan consolidation often results in a lower monthly payment and a single fixed interest rate, which may be particularly attractive to borrowers who currently have variable rates.However, one of the most enticing aspects of federal loan consolidation is increased access to many of the income-based repayment and/or loan forgiveness programs.

Borrowers can also print, complete, and mail the application, if they prefer.Our company may receive compensation from partners seen on our website. If that sounds familiar, you’re likely searching for a way to simplify repayment, and consolidating student loans may be a solution.