Correlation between dating frequency academic success would indicate

23-Jun-2019 23:35

correlation between dating frequency academic success would indicate-64

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In 2013, no candidate passed in the division one category, and of a total of 27,651 candidates who sat May/June, 2014, senior high school certificate exams only 13,349 or 48.26% pass, respectively [5].For 2016, 22,671 out of 46,927 students who registered for the exams failed, which constitutes nearly half (48.46%) of the total number of students registered [6].As a responsibility bearer to educate its citizens, the Liberian government on an annual basis gives budgetary support to the Ministry of Education to run the education sector.This is in support of Go L’s constitutional obligation to provide all Liberians equal access to educational opportunities and facilities to ensure the social, economic, and political wellbeing of Liberia [2].

correlation between dating frequency academic success would indicate-7

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Since students are at the core of learning process, a study tailored to their motivations and strategies and factors hindering their learning is imperative as students themselves play pivotal roles in shifting their own learning and acquiring enhanced academic achievement.

Students are supposedly capable of instigating, modifying, and sustaining information.