Dating after separation soon

06-Aug-2019 06:40

It's ok, though, I need to get used to that and develop a thicker skin. I'll warn you - coming out of a dead bedroom situation can make you I was in a DB for a little over year. No kids and not married it was a bit easier for me talk away.

I started casually dating almost immediately after I finally divorced my husband (amicably) after a 20 year marriage -- almost all of that being dead-bedroom. It took some courage on my part to walk away but im so glad i did.

One year to work on myself mentally, and then another to work on myself physically.

If you do want some companionship along the way, be very very careful about falling back into the long term relationship habit - you'll find someone who is fun, who makes you feel all the things you were missing in your marriage and your brain may unconsciously slot them into the long term relationship category.

Have not started OLD and have zero experience with it.

I am wondering how worried I need to be that I will scare off people by letting them know that I am only three months out of a very long marriage.

After a few months, you may realize this has happened, panic and then blam-o, huge emotional disaster. My interests, etc, that was all put on hold for my family.

I was a witness and casualty of the shrapnel of this in the last year in the most horrible way. This scenario you are describing is exactly what I am afraid of. So I guess I'm wondering how to figure this out.

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It also helped that my ex had moved out of state and our divorce was 100% drama free.First time poster, came over from the dead bedrooms sub.

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