Dating english registration marks

11-Jun-2019 13:14

This is probably why the Victorian kite mark was changed to a Registration serial number in 1884.

The examples below demonstrate just how difficult it can be to determine the actual characters in each corner.

From January 1st 1884 onwards, registrations were represented by a much easier marking type that consisted merely of the actual registration number, prefixed with 'Rd' or 'Rd №.'.

The following list of numbers is a pretty good reference, the number shown was the first number issued in January of a given year.

British registration marks come in three different flavours, two older diamond-shaped designs and a newer and much simpler registration number; all three versions can be found either included into the mold of an item or simply stamped onto the item itself.

As the name implies, a 'registration mark' only states when a specific piece or design was registered and does not indicate the production date of the item.

If you are looking at one, simply check out the bottom part of the mark: a type 1 mark (1841 to 1867) shows a number there while a type 2 mark (1868 to 1883) features a letter.

With other words: this part of the registration information is irrelevant for collectors or people simply wanting to find out more about their item as it is merely a filing reference.