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21-Mar-2019 12:34

The Internet has also changed our personal world, and individuals – using the power of the Internet – can create change and innovation in their lives and community.

We are all passionate about the Internet – that is why we are here.

That message comes across strongly in the “Smart Thailand 2020” vision, which states “ICT is a key driving force in leading Thai people towards knowledge and wisdom and leading society towards equality and sustainable economy”.

An open and accessible Internet is a major part of that process.

The Internet has changed our countries, our regions, our world.

It is important that they keep an open mind about the approach that so many advocate with respect to Internet development, which is that of multi-stakeholder development.

For those not familiar with the Internet Society, let me just take a minute to provide you with some further background on ISOC.

We at ISOC are dedicated to the stability, continuity, and advancement of the global Internet.

In addition, Thailand is playing a key role in developing the ASEAN Government Cloud Framework.

All this combines to present an unprecedented opportunity in Thailand to advance the most important values of the Internet: open standards, the multi-stakeholder model, and universal access for all people.

On the contrary, it is a model of governance that has served the Internet and individuals across the world extraordinarily well, leading to innovations and infrastructure development that may not have come about at all with a top-down model, and certainly wouldn’t have come as quickly.

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