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This allows you to find out who’s viewed your profile, find out if your messages were read or deleted, browse ad-free, send unlimited gifts, and increase your profile’s traffic.Tokyo Love Story (Dorama Only) [ MU / IDWS ] ~ Words from JDFB ~ *Details* [INDENT] * Title: 東京ラブストーリー * Title (romaji): Tokyo Love Story * Genre: Romance * Episodes: 11 1 Special * Viewership ratings: 22.88 * Broadcast network: Fuji TV * Broadcast period: 1991-Jan-07 to 1991-Mar-18 * Theme song: Love Story wa Totsuzen ni by Kazumasa Oda [/INDENT] *Synopsis* When Kanchi (Oda Yuji) first came to Tokyo to work, he is full of uncertainties. Afraid to face each other directly, instead of focusing on feelings, they choose to focus on their positions, meeting each other, falling in love!? They have their careers but they are both failures in love. These two, who aren't having much luck with work or with their love lives, suddenly run into each other one day in Tokyo in the middle of winter. "Hachiko," as Kenta was known as when he was growing up, just goes with the flow and doesn't really have any big aspirations for himself.

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Together, they formed the Yukan Club, solving mysteries to pass time. Break Up With Your Lover If You Make It * 3frame: The Lone 5th Pin... This new kind of story about life in the "big city" was written by Yuko Aizawa, a drama script writer who has already won the hearts of many young women for her acclaimed script for the Fuji hit drama "The Power of Love." --(Fuji TV) Cast * Matsu Takako as Tanimachi Mizuho * Sakaguchi Kenji as Morinaga Kenta * Hasegawa Kyoko as Fujiwara Hiroko * Nishimura Masahiko as Fuwa Keijiro * Hirayama Aya as Irie Chika * Kashiwabara Takashi as Okuda Naoyuki (Ep1-2) * Katsurayama Shingo as Okuda Naoyuki (Replaces Kashiwabara) * Sato Hitomi as Kinoshita Yuko * Eita as Morinaga Kohei * Nakamaru Shinsho * Hotaru Yukijiro Production Credits * Producer: Suzuki Yoshihiro * Directors: Nakae Isamu, Kobayashi Kazuhiro, Hirai Hideki * Writer: Aizawa Tomoko * Music: Yoshimata Ryo Episode Ratings * Ep 01:2003-01-06 18.2 % * Ep 02:2003-01-13 16.4 % * Ep 03:2003-01-20 15.3 % * Ep 04:2003-01-27 17.3 % * Ep 05:2003-02-03 16.0 % * Ep 06:2003-02-10 15.1 % * Ep 07:2003-02-17 14.8 % * Ep 08:2003-02-24 15.3 % * Ep 09:2003-03-03 15.3 % * Ep 10:2003-03-10 16.1 % * Ep 11:2003-03-17 18.1 % [CODE] Slow Dance Details * Title: スローダンス * Title (romaji): Slow Dance * Format: Renzoku * Genre: Romance * Episodes: 11 * Viewership ratings: 16.89 * Broadcast network: Fuji TV * Broadcast period: 2005-Jul-04 to 2005-Sep-12 * Air time: Monday * Theme song: Tokyo, by Fukuyama Masaharu Synopsis A man who constantly applies the brake in his life, a woman who could do with a brake in her life.