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18-Aug-2019 21:12

Advertising ruins literally every communication medium: Your mailbox? Deep, rich content and communities have evaporated save for a few vestiges such as HN.

Even this lacks the camaraderie of the forums and news groups of the past.

One of its continued strengths is the number of useful or deep articles in tech combined with a high number of people in the community that write them. We have some people who steadily have good insights and submissions on specific topics. To cite one example. I would agree that advertisement has done a lot of damage.I really don't think SA after around 2010-12 and before that period are the same. Any song you could think of, in any format you could think of.Vastly different communities inhabiting the same body. You could find lossless music that there's 0 chance that you could find anywhere else (legally or not). It's also gotten more like those sites since people have invited more people from those sites that I can tell. Just as I ignore certain people in my day to day life, I also want to filter them out of my Internet experience.signal: noise is a thing.I didn't realize The Wayback Machine had so much You Tube content from the early days.

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Really interesting going back and seeing what was on the front page on some random day in 2006.Overall, it's a good community for general discussion of things happening on and offline.

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