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The research began 11 years ago at KCA Laboratories. 34 3 Le Jting* | j edge btads-t— yours for 1 0£ Ndm# .. Not a magic formula — not 3 get-rich -quick scheme— but something more substantial, more practical. She was constructed and ran her trials in Bombay." 8 POPULAR MECHANICS BETTERI had three choices back in 1946: » the VETERAN —a story about He picked No* 2; came up with a brand-new job. He reached a point where he could go no further „ , , WITHOUT ADDITIONAL TRAINING. INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLS He learned he had some *? Each course sound, authorita- tive* easy to follow. jj Commtrdil Art □ Cmt Accoiinting □ fedaril Til O First Tear College □ Fortmanihip O Franc li G Cond Enilnh □ Hi Eti Sc Ndq I G High* Malh*malift P Mater Tra Hic p p»iil Civil S«Vka □ Halting □ Relasl SEQfa Mmit Hninl D Sil Mmim Ulp □ Setre Urlel P 3i(n Lett Vinl P Spanish □ SEffl Opap Il f P Tri Plic Mamgemin F Hinw. It is easy to right because there are no stays to unbuckle before re- moving the mast. ■Jrn-i-n *mnrolsi^ mill'.- J I jlrrk, p Mlitg '***, ttti uuhhij cuihi.

From this quest emerges a com- pletely integrated record-playing system — records and automatic player — the first system to be en- tirely free of distortion. The river and air are the only transportation to people living in the wilds of north central Idaho (Continued to pogc 8) 6 POPULAR MECHANICS you're that man* here’s something that wilt in- terest you. He was first to go out on a search for missing flyers, hunters or people in. Bert Zimmerly had been giving free service to snow-isolated people on the open prairie and up the river valleys this past winter, when they needed medical or hospital attention . # * *■ f )UR JULY 1948 “cover girl,” the Ha- ^ waiian catamaran, now has a minia- ture sister in Egypt. Pat- terson of TWA at Farouk Field, Cairo, built this one -inch to one -foot model from the article describing the Hawaiian Sea- bird, and writes: “You did not exagger- ate the phenomenal performance of the Seabird, as in a light breeze I had to run to catch Marie. BILL But he couldn't afford to quit work to go to school. SO HERE’S WHAT HE DID: mailed a coupon* It put him in touch with the largest school in the world. Tii Hlt Count* DCptinn Man Ul.i □ Loom Fiantg G Hjwi Wtavlnj P Ttftlil A Or Vi Rring P Woolen Mami'actming Sutlntcl and Acidsmlc Cq u rat* Q Agcuu HIj rig □ | □ Hon k keenri TB □ BUimati Admtniilritivn G tiustni Mi Cw'rwpor Hiafice p Cirli Fipd fubho Acom n ling; p Command!! Nor does the boat have to be towed ashore if it does capsize. SUKGLA5SE4 ■ hif* jw-llihpj ml iiw¥«4i 5 - Pima Vfe*M hr I'm fl Ji I!

Ask for Pay O- Vac Leak Proofs GUARANTEE on every Ray- O -Vac Leak Proof: 44 If your ll&Shligbt damaged by corrosion, leakage or swelling of this battery, send it to us with the batteries and we wi U give yon free a new, comparable fl&ahlight with batteries," 1D49 EJY RAYn O-Vft C COMPANY, MAOISM*. Even such drastic punishment can’t stop this Seiberling Scaled -Air Tube with patented Bulkheads. It'* s.nii,- for many more- thousands of miles of driving. When the boot is soiling, the leeboard is vertical 1 Stepping the round mail of the Sabot is simple. t-* Si**h ftr*..-', M 1 * Pi »W It Xlt« i diameter Spo L Reticle* □« .

Only ftay-O-Vac builds batteries with all four of these safeguards. Each Ray-O* Vac Leak Proof starts with a powerful, well made battery. But the tubes do not go Unit need tig rtpdirs/ 2, Here, big torture knives cut deep two-inch gashes. ^ethcrllng Sealed-Air Tube bring removed from tire for inspection after being pierced with more nails than you'll tier pick u p, Each ranged "rubber met" marks a spot where tube has permanently repaired itself! F-'iv wij-i'il pp Bccprid Matter hi Post titlin' llr-pl.. Barrel length 24 r 'i overall length 45"; weight approx. The photo below shows the 1 h- board which provides the keel effect for the craft.

Yaungquist IN THIS ISSUE Let the Engine Boil * - - - Budget-Size Yachting - How to Tempt a Fish— Part II Warming Up the Great Outdoors Rocket Fires a Rescue Line How to Build a Winning Racer The Man Who Stops Bullets - Rough Riders of the River - - Submarine Disaster School - - Mural Magic Do You Get What You Pay For? Here are pictures that might make a good follow-up story. s Zlmmerly'i plane drops supplies to Isolated farmers Nwvepantu/ie COASTER BRAKES F R E E 1 Have fun mystifying your f riends \ G uess t heir ages, read their minds! Address: HEW DEPARTURE * DIVISION GENERAL MOTORS * Bristol, Conn. So far the CAA hasn’t reported the cause of the accident. The small course also makes it easy for spectators to watch the progress of the race from starting gun to finish line.

The ""Speed Changer* is simple to install* too — right in your New Departure Coaster Brake f Ask your bicycle dealer about it today f On your new bike insist on America’s favorite Mc Grady's boat locked tight in ic#-dad Snake River A S SEQUELS to our story in February of the “Hef Ts Canyon Mailman,” come these letters from George Shrove of the KRLC radio station newsroom at Lewis^- ton, Idaho: “To the Editor: We read your recent item about Kyle Me Grady, the Snake Riv- er mailman from Lewiston, and enjoyed it very much. ]£ "Lease tell me more «Ikfui Pyroi L rtn J how Ll tait Him frn me. The rest of the nearby ice began sinking and the water rising until the boat was freed about mid- night, Mc Grady brought the undamaged boat home, f Bert Zimmerly, the mercy flyer who had carried freight to Mc Grady’s customers during the latter’s freeze-up, was flying to Lewiston from Spokane the evening of February 17, He was found dead beside his badly wrecked plane five miles south of Pullman, Wash.* the next afternoon. The reason for using such a small course is that it requires more skill to round the buoys several times to cover a given dis- tance than to sail over a longer course only once or twice.

IB approved Cor World War JC Veterans, _ Canadian residents vend coupon Id rnlvf national Corralpondcncs Sc Imw Ii Canadian. 176 Crofts mon and Shop Notes Index AUTOMOTIVE Emergency headlight fll U .192 Tire gauge clipped to sent back , „ , „ , ..203 Wire soldered io valve keys a Llows saf* ins l a] Eat ion. .234 Ssiled-btum headlamp provides trouble light 225 Grille guard from cultivator wheel is attached to bumper .... ,399 Spinner attached to streamer fly provides effective lure., 212 Wie ROSICRUCIANS (AMOHCI San Jose California, U. Want a n\nn*y- m siring Radio- Tele rialon Shop of jour own I I're trained bundreda of nu n lo be Radio Xeclim Lc San^ . Weight of the boat itself is only 65 pounds, ready to sail.

HOUSE ANU HOME Btorm-sash rack Is built under basement stair. IBS Novel ■dcilgri for COOkl CS tiaade wath potato masher. r 163 Yarn kept from tangling while knitting 112 (Continued to page 10 1 2 POFUIy AR mechanics / SEND YOU BIG KITS OF PARTS You Build and Experiment w Want a goad-paf fob In The fast - k rowing RADIO - TE LE VI- &ION Industry? Learn Radio- Telerkila D innp L|il-t'8 from hum rated lemons. Wallin gton, who weighs 215 pounds, and Howard Splane* commodore of the club and another 200-pounder, often sail togeth- er in their boat, The Gruniom Their com- bined 415 pounds give an indication of the Sabot's amazing weight-carrying ability.

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art wfidins SPECTAi ROOK’ LETS Outi ebem you how to EXTRA MONTY fix in e; nelghbara" Radios |i shop, or a eood’tv Radio-Te Le- v Lsion Refrleing Job. Working only on week ends, boatowners have built the Sabot in about six weeks. Just a little time and effort in sanding and painting are all that is needed to keep your boat in good shape.

In situa- tion i where Mfe may hang by a thread, the best equipment must be found. The water dissolves the pellets forming suds that re- move dirt and grime. It was the glory of a summer sunset color- ing the water, the dimple of feeding bass, the little rings spreading over tho golden red surface of the bay. Croix Crab, 15— Rex Spoon Minnesota, to the colorful flats of Florida, If you want action in fishing, none of that sitting all day soaking live bait, give bait casting your best efforts, If you want ac- tion from a fish that leaps, rears, flips and bucks, try your luck at bass fishing. :- bed 5 i': Ouinal£r 3 J italic Hc Ufc Cldf W RHa $Vt WARM-UP SATIN JACKETS . r jsljjy I 1 V Ti»-,i tin —im IT,™ u'-'V F.,"h ' It KMt).

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