Dating tyre shekel

13-Aug-2019 17:40

Amar believes the coin was minted during the Great Jewish Revolt sometime during the years 66-70 CE.More precisely dating it may be tricky, however, because only one side is clearly legible.He said he is positive that Halevy’s coin was made at the Israel Museum because all the markings are 100% identical to the mold there.— After an 8-year-old girl picked up her little sister from kindergarten, she picked up a little something else from the ground on her way back home — an extremely rare 2,000-year-old “half-shekel” coin.(A modern comparison could be the use of old Gutenberg Bible fonts on antique shops.) During the surge of Jewish nationalism at the end of the Second Temple period, in addition to these shekel coins, a small portion of the biblical Dead Sea Scrolls from Qumran were written in this font, and recently a non-biblical scroll was discovered in this type as well.

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(In the New Testament’s Book of Matthew, Jesus, who lived circa 4 BCE-33 CE, is reported to pay the Temple tax through the miraculous discovery of coinage in the mouth of a recently caught fish.) Amar told Israel National News that “the Jews minted such coins against the coins minted in Tyre in order to stress the symbolism and nationalism, and in the Temple they used only these coins because they are a very high quality of silver.” It was the first time that Jews used silver for coinage.

Amar was intrigued by what he saw and asked Shimon to bring the coin to his house so he and his wife, Tamar, who is also knowledgable on such subjects, could study it.

At first glance, the Amar couple thought it was a rare full shekel coin, minted by Jews during the Great Jewish Revolt against the Romans prior to the destruction of the Second Temple. The couple compared it to several examples of shekels, but decided to test its authenticity by weighing it.

Hallel said she was a little sad at first to turn over the coin, but got over it.

And as for the feeling of holding something so historic in her hand, she said, “I felt that wow!“Childhood treasures,” laughed Hallel, a rising fourth grader, in conversation with The Times of Israel on Thursday.