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Strategies that promote healthy relationships are vital.During the preteen and teen years, young people are learning skills they need to Form positive relationships with others.And our society is getting better at that, said Franklin.“Prevention is about all of us changing our ideas about what is a healthy relationship and what is not.It’s building community awareness to make a stand And getting rid of the idea that if it’s not physical then it’s not abuse.”And like most things, it’s important to start young.“Start talking to your kids before they start dating,” said Franklin, “and have conversations and look at websites for warning signs and ways to deal with potentially bad relationships.”Sara Elizabeth Duke, a Richmond native studying at Vanderbilt University to become a women’s health nurse practitioner, became involved in educating young adults about relationships as an undergraduate at UVA.“Or to recognize it is unhealthy before deep wounding takes place.”Unfortunately, not every teen is equipped to expect or demand that from a relationship.Too many relationships – among young and old – go awry.To help students know these rules, the Commonwealth of Virginia recently added requirements revising the Family Life Education Guidelines and Standards of Learning.

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“We want to teach people to use their head and protect their heart.”“The idea is to slow the relationship down so that it’s not based on infatuation but has time to develop real love,” he said.We need to work on their emotional health needs too,” she said.“By teaching what is appropriate, they will be able to more easily recognize what is not.Franklin says teens should ask themselves if they still have their independence after getting involved with someone.“Just because you start dating doesn’t mean your life ends,” he said. But in a healthy relationship, you can state, ‘I don’t like it when you do that.'”Because people grow up in different families with unique experiences, there are different concepts of what is acceptable and what isn’t.

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“Some people are far louder in general, and that’s just their family or their culture, and not meant to be disrespectful,” says Verdery.And the abuse doesn’t end when the relationship does; teen dating violence can lead to adverse health outcomes, an increase in unhealthy behaviors, and intimate partner violence as an adult.