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02-Mar-2019 20:24

With four kids around us, it’s not easy, but when we remember to do it, it’s a wonderful way to flirt.

Here’s more resources on how to be more physically affectionate with your spouse.14) Sit Close to Each Other. Sure, there can be dedicated times of couples massage (here are some great couples massage tips! Alicia Michelle is a Christian life coach, host of the Vibrant Christian Living Podcast, and founder of the Vibrant Christian community.

Or I’ll go into his office and give him a quick hug and kiss.

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It seems like there’s always something extra crazy to laugh about going on at our house.

This is a must-have marriage resource for all couples, and it’s completely free! DOWNLOAD THE FREE “130 WAYS TO SAY I LOVE YOU” CHEAT SHEET HERE. We are busy, stressed people and marriage isn’t always about one big flirt-fest. Don’t worry about if your husband isn’t reciprocating right away, or if it isn’t equal.