Guarding your heart in dating

27-Jun-2019 17:52

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I always knew where that money was because it was important to me and I was guarding it. You know its important and you don’t want anything to happen to it.

Many times in dating relationships we don’t guard our hearts.

You won't be mistaking pain with depth of feeling because he won't hurt you."We accept the love we think we deserve".

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It is simply what you will or won’t do about their choices. It simply allows you to move forward without being bound to the past. In order to enter God’s rest, you have to accept the things you do not like and surrender them to God.

Those horrendous, toxic, gross, tug of war relationships might feel like love just because they involve emotions and are confusing.

But when you find a nice guy, you'll just know that it's real.

He cares about pleasing you just as much as you care about pleasing him. He will ask you to text him when you get home after spending the evening with him.

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My nice guy has shown me why it's okay to let my guard down. He will go out of his way to pick you up so you don't have to drive too far.You must clear up these misunderstandings before you can apply God’s truths effectively in your difficult relationships. This includes reaching out to learn more about difficult relationships and the specific problems you deal with so you are equipped with knowledge. You have to let go of futile attempts to force others to change and instead focus on what you can change.

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