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Amid the surge, the American border authorities had been using an appointment system to process arriving Haitians.

They had been giving priority to women and children, who received earlier dates rather than being forced to spend weeks in the overcrowded shelters. Because of her pregnancy, Mexican officials, who have been scheduling the migrants’ appointments with American border officials, granted Ms. Alexandre entered under a three-year humanitarian parole, and she made her way to a migrant shelter in San Diego. Dieumercy had been barred from entering under the new policy. Alexandre said she had no idea what she would do if Mr. He knows that if he tries to cross at an official American port of entry, he will probably be deported.“I need my family,” he said in a text message from Mexicali. I’m very sad.”Among the families that have been divided since the policy took effect, more than a dozen include pregnant women separated from their partners, Ms. There are even cases of mothers’ being separated from their teenage sons, she said.

Under this plan, 288,466 undocumented immigrants, mainly of Haitian descent, applied for residency and work permits.

But only about 10,000 met all the requirements, and only a few hundred were granted permits.

This affected not only the children of immigrants, but their grandchildren and even great-grandchildren.

Tens of thousands of Dominicans of Haitian descent were left in legal limbo or without any nationality, international human rights groups like Human Rights Watch complained.

Until the change, the United States had been allowing Haitians without visas to enter under a temporary humanitarian parole, a special concession owing to the social, economic and political troubles facing Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake. 22, amid a surge in Haitians from Brazil, the Obama administration said it was resuming the deportation of Haitians who presented themselves at border crossings without immigration documentation.

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Antonia Abreu, one of the few street vendors who agreed to talk to IPS about the harsh reality faced by Haitian immigrants in the Dominican Republic, at her street stall where she sells flowers in the Little Haiti neighbourhood in Santo Domingo.

Fear is part of daily life for Haitian immigrants in this country.

Credit: Dionny Matos/IPS- A middle-aged woman arranges bouquets of yellow roses in a street market in Little Haiti, a slum neighbourhood in the capital of the Dominican Republic.

“They’re afraid because they think they’ll be deported,” one woman whispers, as she stirs a pot of soup on a wood fire on the sidewalk.

That fear was heightened by the last wave of deportations, which formed part of the complicated migration relations between this country and Haiti – the poorest country in the Americas, with a black population – which share the island of Hispaniola.

Marcelo Pisani, the International Organization for Migration’s regional director for Central America, North America and the Caribbean, said that migrants from outside the region were arriving at the Panama-Costa Rica border at an average rate of 90 to 110 per day. In Tijuana, which has received thousands of Haitian migrants this year, a steady stream of Haitians are still arriving each day.