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10-Jun-2019 22:24

Don't put down an example where "the guy is kind of good looking and the girl is kinda ugly, I guess." Inverted Trope to Ugly Guy, Hot Wife.

With the release of the unimaginatively but appropriately titled “She’s Out of My League” last weekend—which despite the participation of “Undeclared” star Jay Baruchel doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Judd Apatow—yet another movie where the schlub gets the hot girl has entered the history books.

Rogen, a dope-smoker living off money from an injury while trying to start a celebrity nude website with his roomies, hooks up with Katherine Heigl, a beautiful career-minded woman who has just been given a job as an on-air personality for E! The setup alone is rife with commentary about what Hollywood considers beautiful and the story unfolds with surprising care and precision, as Ben learns to grow up and Alison tries valiantly to force love into the equation.

Apatow’s film is widely credited with starting today’s modern fascination with the nerdy guy-hot girl movie, but it’s better than that.

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Since titling your flick after popular songs is still all the rage these days, can a movie called “Is She Really Going Out With Him? Overweight Seth (Jonah Hill) and his twitchy best friend Evan (Michael Cera) talk big shit, but they couldn’t get a girl if they tried.After a drunken night where the pair tell each other “I love you” in a brotherly way (but with a tinge of homo-eroticism that’s so common in buddy comedies), they end up at the mall with the two hot girls they were pursuing the whole time! Revenge of the Nerds (1984) Lewis Skolnick and Betty Childs So—disguising yourself in the Darth Vader costume of the popular guy to have sex with his hot girlfriend under false pretenses is a sleazy, if not probably illegal move, but having seen the amount of crap heaped upon the nerds of Lambda Lambda Lambda by the jocks of Alpha Beta, you might forgive horn-rimmed nerd stereotype Lewis Skolnick (Robert Carradine). The nerds get their revenge on the cruel popular kids by placing hidden cameras in the sorority and Liquid Heat in the jockstraps of the Betas, but it’s the inspiring rhetoric of Lewis that pushes the women of Pi Delta Pi to their side by the end of the film. Weird Science (1985) Gary and Deb, Wyatt and Hilly It takes a whole lot of teenage sci-fi craziness to get to the improbable hookup at the end of “Weird Science,” but uber-nerds Gary (Anthony Michael Hall) and Wyatt (Ilan Mitchell-Smith) end up stealing super-hot 80s girls Deb and Hilly away from their bullying boyfriends Ian (Robert Downey, Jr.) and Max (Robert Rusler) anyway.

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