Illicit married dating

29-Mar-2019 02:08

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It’s time to brush off the antiquated idea that guys’ text first. If he starts inviting himself round for ‘coffee’ (yeah, right) anytime soon, you need to prove early on that you can say no. Meet for coffee (a real one, not the other kind), go for a meal, watch a film, and only when YOU are ready do you take things further. The UK’s largest married dating site has released statistics that provide an insight into when infidelity occurs and if you are 8 years into your marriage, now is the time to worry!

Illicit surveyed 1,300 of its members and discovered 8 years to be the most popular time after marriage for people to embark on an extra-marital relationship.

“Deep down, I know they probably wouldn’t want a relationship with me if they were single but I’m so much more exciting when I’m their mistress. Or, maybe after 20 or so years the spark isn’t there.

“They can tell me their wildest fantasies because they don’t have to go to parents’ night with me, or face me the next morning as the kids squabble over the breakfast table.” Sounds good to me, where can I sign up? “So if you don’t love your partner, why don’t you just get a divorce? It’s certainly a viable solution, one that makes sense on many levels, and in certain cases it’s the most reasonable and common outcome to a busted marriage.

But in the modern day, divorces can be really, messy. That in and of itself can be, shall we say, difficult.

“I’ve had affairs with some ­absolutely gorgeous, very well-heeled men, who take me to the finest restaurants,” she says. According to our friends over at Illicit, it could be a telltale sign that your partner is an adulterer. It’s natural, it’s instinctive, and if a relationship can’t satisfy a common urge or desire, it won’t last too long. You were swept away, rushed in, and now find yourself with more of a tinge of regret some years down the line.We fell in love, we had children, and we bought a house, now it’s just living day to day – sameness.

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