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All over the world, bot developers are experimenting and innovating with different kinds of chatbots.By staying informed about the most important chatbot news, you can find out what those innovations entail and then steer your bot-building efforts—and your organization—in the right direction.The only learning curve required is to learn to speak, so virtual digital assistants are easy to use and great for children and even the most tech-challenged among us.According to research, , a virtual assistant translates into good business.Our bot news articles keep you informed about all of the exciting implications of these technologies.

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Learn more about 12 popular bots you can add to your Slack today to share statistics, create polls, set meetings, connect withe new colleagues, and have some fun with gifs. Learn how to design essential chatbot personality components like consistency, distinct voice, humor, conversational cues and pauses, and unique interests that are improving user experience and engagement with your chatbots.Virtual Hostess The Virtual Hostess is an interactive information kiosk that displays the figure of Virtual Assistant (chatbot) using the rear projection technique with speech recognition. The benefits of implementing the Virtual Assistant (chatbot) The primary benefit of implementing the Virtual Assistant (chatbot) means dramatic savings of costs for customer service. The functionality and operation of the Virtual Assistant (chatbot) The Virtual Assistant (chatbot): provides immediate answers to questions (communication takes place through everyday language like in the case of a...The functionality and operation of the Virtual Hostess The Virtual Hostess: informs about your company and its products, answers spoken questions, detects when someone speaks to it, recognizes if it...This is a great time to take a look at the future of bots and to explore how they can enhance existing tech and boost sales.

Humans interact with chatbots online all the time, and the rise of AI makes it more and more difficult to discern whether you’re dealing with a bot or a person. People often don’t care who (or what) they’re conversing with—as long as they get their questions answered quickly. Keep in mind these 8 lessons other developers have learned from the original chatbots: create emotional connection, use NLP, map the user journey, solve pain points, and building conversational skills.

Twitter's easy-access API allows even beginner programmers to create bots in pretty much any modern coding language.