Inuit dating customs

21-Mar-2019 23:03

Hunting and fishing were the primary sources of food for the Inuit people, and men were traditionally responsible for these duties.

Women's duties included gathering other sources of food, such as eggs and berries, and preparing the food the hunters brought back.

In Inuit culture, the family was typically represented by a kudlik (lamp) or a hearth, which was the property and responsibility of the wife.

This lamp had significant symbolic meaning in the family, the community, and the culture.

Women were traditionally responsible for the butchering, skinning, and cooking of animals taken by the hunters.

Because of this, tools and other items used by the Inuit for hunting and food preparation had to be light and easily transported.

Unwanted babies, or babies a family could not support, could be offered to another family.

If the other family accepted, the adoption was complete.

This was a common alternative to divorce because neither family would be without a component vital to its survival — a mother and a wife.

Inuit marriages rarely included large ceremonies; couples were often considered married after the birth of their first child.

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