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Moby made a mistake with the Natalie Portman story in his book.He made second, and bigger, mistake in doubling down on the story after she denounced it.While performing his duties there, he gets involved in a helicopter crash which was believed to have killed all of his crew but in reality, he survived the crash with another soldier in his team.They were thereafter taken captive by the Taliban who subject them to severe torture but after some time, he gets rescued and returns home.Their relationship ultimately crumbles and both parties part ways.Closer received a lot of positive reviews from critics after it was released and can be rightfully described as a success.To tell you why this is a masterpiece, a lot of work was put into it starting from the scriptwriting to forming the crew and ultimately, the filming of the project itself.Natalie went the extra length of working with dialectologist Barbara Berker to master the English accent which the role demanded of her.

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The 2005 dystopian political thriller film was set in 2032, where an anarchist and freedom fighter who goes by the alias V (played by Hugo Weaving) plots an overthrow of the existing tyrannical British government with the help of a woman, Evey Hammond, played by Natalie Portman.This came as a result of her decision to revenge the death of her family members killed by corrupt DEA agent (Norman Stansfield) during a raid of their home after he had a fall out with Mathilda’s father who all the while was helping him stash cocaine in his home but secretly taking out some cuts for himself.