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When Claira realizes she has more blood relatives than just her mother and brother, the next adventure begins, whether ...Muddy Feet is a nostalgic story of a young girl who, after overcoming unimaginable tragedy and heartache, becomes a source of inspiration to a community desperately in need of her unconditional love and the hope it brings.In 1933, when Elle Lewis is seven years old, her life turns upside down in a single day. Out of the air, one as a flock, the original thirteen Wicca arrived.Settling in the forested trees of the glen, they conversed, cackling and calling.That is until a mysterious man shows up on her doorstep one night, telling her that what she had always believed to be true was not entirely the case.

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Eddy Kepler is a perfect example of life long consequences due to teenage decisions.

If after reading this book you feel Jesus is knocking at your door, let him in. Jesus, I've made a mess of things, come in and tell me what to do and I'll do it. This is a historical fiction in that two of the main characters were significant and well publicized dangerous historical figures at the time this story takes place.