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Allen remembers the experience as “pretty exciting.” “It was something that I had been working towards for a really long time.

To finally land a huge regular [role] on a new show was really quite fantastic and very exciting,” he said.

Feldman could not finish the role of William Finn in the film, “Murder in New Hampshire: The Pamela Wojas Smart Story,” starring Helen Hunt.

The storyline of the movie consists of an unhappy housewife who seduces a younger man and succeeds in pursuing him to kill her husband.

Strachey is a detective who is living in upstate New York and who is also an openly gay man in a monogamous relationship.

“Working in Hollywood quickly became who I was, and it was pretty much a nonstop thing all the way through until adulthood,” he said.Allen has four brothers and two sisters, one of whom is his twin sister. “My dad was very rigid in the way he raised us,” Allen said, but his mother was the complete opposite. A real American apple-pie type of mom,” Allen said. His mother would take him on auditions as a way of earning extra money for Allen’s future college fund.From the beginning, Allen’s family had faith in his abilities. He never expected that anything would be able to come of it.Allen said that since Feldman was out of the picture, “They asked if I could come and do it.

We had to reshoot everything.” The movie went on to be nominated by the American Cinema Editors for best edited television special. He shared the small screen with fellow actors Wilford Brimley, Shannon Doherty and Deidre Hall for the series’ two-year run.

In his spare time, Allen loves to swim and ride bikes.