Kitty dudley puppy dating fanfiction

15-Apr-2019 18:55

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Literally me just re-writing Harry Potter from the beginning to make it gay.The plan is to have this be a series and have this first fic cover book 1.Even all the House unity is going too splendidly to be exciting.

There is now a Recap page and a "What an idiot" page.

Laura is the surprise of the century that not even Trelawney predicted. Maybe it was all the lessons on torture with his killer aunt, or perhaps the suffocating anxiety of making one wrong move in front of the Dark Lord, or maybe the smell of blood that seemed to be stained in the floors and in the walls and in his nostrils, but his appetite had vanished that spring, and it hadn't come back. //Completed//Word count: 24.6k Following the recent reconciliation of Slytherin and Gryffindor houses, a party is thrown.

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