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22-Jun-2019 17:55

They may be found in various places, and they change their place in different modes.There is also a bathroom there and an attic, where you can see Teddy Bear, which should be used to call Slenderina.You start searching for the exit, but it isn’t a simple task.

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You need to search every room carefully for tools and keys, which you may use while discovering all the house’s mysteries. There are three bedrooms, with hidden rooms and places, where you could hide.Depending on the mode you choose, the game may be a bit easier or extremely difficult, but in any case you will get scary satisfaction.The developers regularly update the game, and it is still interesting to play it, even if found the way out for a couple of times already. You find yourself in a very gloomy place, and the first thought that traces your mind is that you should get out of there as soon as possible.If you do, this will give you an extra day to find the exit, but this activity can be rather dangerous.

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The point is that you can’t carry many objects in your hands, and if you decide to pick up the piece, you need to put something you are currently holding.Her main problem is her blindness, but she compensates it with hearing.