Living room at house live camera adlut

08-Mar-2019 02:26

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7 minutes later, I was all checked out (self checkout no less), five perfect throw pillows in hand, and bonus, all on sale! I pretty much felt like the other moms should have high fived me as I triumphantly fist pumped my way out of Target (or I would have if I wasn’t carrying massive bags of pillows).

Maybe I should back up and say I’m finally sharing our lake house basement family room today!

For some reason I struggle to decorate spaces that are supposed to be more kid friendly, mainly because kid friendly tends to mean practical and that’s just not my strong suit…

I don’t have this room 100 percent done, but I thought I would show you where we are at today at least.Kind of like the last house, this more kid friendly space is my Everest.

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