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03-Aug-2019 13:52

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Couple’s Scattegories is always a part of our 14 Days of Love, as well. The download of Not So Newlywed Game questions can be found at the bottom of this post.

I strongly recommend using a laminator on your Not So Newlywed questions.

So now that you know all about the Newlywed Game, you can play it with your honey and some of your friends.

Here is some alternative ways to play the Not So Newlywed Game in case you don't want to separate your group by sending half into another room.

Run the question sheets through the laminator before cutting.

This will make sure that your not so newlywed questions stay in good shape throughout the game and may more round sin the future.

The game begins with the husbands leaving the room while a host asks the wives three questions.

(But when you play, you can have the wives leave the room first if you like.) Once all the wives answer, the husbands come back out and are asked the same questions to see whether their answers match what their wives said. My most powerful sex tricks and tips aren't on this site.My favorite nights are the ones where we can take a little walk down memory lane while also hopefully learning something about each other.

Or you can submit your before the event @ and if it makes us giggle we’ll read it at the show, put it on our Instagram and it could even make it into the next volume of our book or online as animation. i Tunes: Spotify: Google Play: — — — What are people saying about Story Party? Loved it, keep it going 😁” – Samantha from Perth 🇦🇺 “The show was amazing! … continue reading »

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"If you like someone, don't play the waiting game — call or text the next day!… continue reading »

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Unfortunately, all medical couples must quickly get used to the sense that medical training will dictate the schedule upon which you make big decisions.… continue reading »

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