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18-May-2019 02:33

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This can be especially true at the beginning of a relationship.

It’s when those great dopamine receptors in our brain get activated that we feel this so-called “chemistry.” That’s why we call dopamine the “love hormone.” Contrary to popular opinion, though, our initial attractions are not always based on physical appearance alone.

This physical attraction helps fuel the idea of “falling in love at first sight.” Those feelings are real. Your feelings of chemistry can also lessen over time.

Some people just have that charisma and energy about them and this impacts the effect they have on other people. I have met only a few people who I’ve had instant chemistry with and I thought for sure that they would be a long term item in my life, but, as it happened, chemistry wasn’t enough. The opposite is true, I’ve had some great relationships with people I didn’t feel instant fireworks chemistry with but there was something there I wanted to pursue.

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Unfortunately, these people could be missing out on something great.

Can You Have “Do It Yourself” Chemistry So you either have chemistry or you don’t, right? Instant chemistry is all about the other person’s charisma and, of course, attraction.