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Adults, particularly Elliot and Nico, drink -- at bars, meals, out of a bottle -- and smoke lots of weed.

Marijuana paraphernalia (bowls, bongs, hand-rolled cigarettes) and consumption shown in several scenes.

is a love story about 20-something New Yorkers Elliot (Jeremy Allen White) and Mia (Maika Monroe), who start dating just as Elliot discovers he has cancer.

But it isn't a typical illness-themed tragic romance.

" /Explores importance of caregiving, having support through personal and health crises.

Also shows difficulties of monogamy, young marriage in generation and city where most people in early to mid-20s aren't thinking of marriage.

They had just returned from two weeks in Hawaii, a celebration of their 30 years of marriage.

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And I was there at the church when she pledged her life to him three years later.Instead, it's more of a social commentary on dating, commitment, and marriage in the age of urban online hookup culture.As a result, the content gets pretty mature: Recreational sex and drug use (pot, MDMA) are depicted frankly, and there's partial nudity (breasts), a threesome (kissing is shown), masturbation, a strip club scene, drinking, and more.I had drinks recently with my oldest childhood friend in a bar near my hometown, two hours equidistant from Philadelphia and New York. Inside, the bar looked exactly like the ones patronized by the townies in rom-coms set on the East Coast: a cozy, neon-lit oasis of Yuenglings and shots and Neil Young covers, a bulwark against the approaching winter and all manner of problems beyond the saloon door.

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My friend—let’s call her Teresa—was with her husband; we’ll call him Joe.

Anyway, I tend to mistrust the correlations that people make between the city that they live in and the sex that they have.

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