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Nickname : Choding, Maknae(youngest) On Top, Micky’s Best Fan, Lord Kyu, Sulky Kyu, Porn Kyu, Fit-In Kyu, Chic Kyu, Alien, Jesus Kyu, Dorm Kyu, Sexy Kyu, Baby Kyu, Shy Kyu, ELF Kyu, Green Kyu, Terror Kyu, Rotten Smile Kyu, Guinness Kyu, Voice Kyu, Dark Kyu, Model Kyu, Miracle Kyu, Doll Kyu, S Line Kyu, Basic Instinct Kyu, Game Kyu, etc.Casting : Chin Chin Singing Competition, 3rd place First Appearance : "New Single Jacket Photoshoot" - news on television.) ELF: Cant sleep Kyuhyun: How ELF: say that you accept love, say say Kyuhun: say ELF: I live for Oppas Kyuhyun: thank you ELF: my tee shirt size increase Kyuhyun: Haha ELF: why wont oppa say something…say Kyuhyun: say ELF: marry me Kang In Kyuhyun: then me? Kyuhyun: don’t go ELF: did you eat the wrong medicine Kyuhyun: poisoned by your love ELF: Oppa I also want to eat the wrong medicine Kyuhyun: – – ELF: the son of the man who stayed near you Kyuhyun: is you ELF: – – Kyuhyun: what is this ELF: you are mine Kyuhyun: I am mine Ryeowook replies: ELF: I didn’t sleep so I can see Oppas… This is the first time I've ever liked a rookie group straight up.After some things seulgi making an account of any official confirmation of a french-korean model and seulgi have been dating.mentioned her before, is pretty strict about their dating beautiful, wendy guested on different. It has nothing to do with age or outward appearance.

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Along with the t-shirt which are printed with the word “DREAM HUM MAKER”, they will sell them all over Korea begin from April 15th.

The doctor told Kyuhyun's parents that to repair his pierced lungs he would have to make a hole in Kyuhyun's neck thus ending his career as a singer, Kyuhyun's father was the first to immediately reject the operation stating that Kyuhyun would rather die than not be able to sing.