Purity in dating

01-Jul-2019 04:50

When we turn to that department we shall at once realize the fact that the sex relation is the most primitive and comprehensive of all the human relations. The attitude of the Bible in respect to that relation is unmistakable.

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Purity is associated with understanding, patience and kindness ( 2 Cor 6:6 ); speech, life, love, and faith ( 1 Tim ); and reverence ( 1 Peter 3:2 ). So near are the departments of physical and ethical cleanliness that now if one hears the word "slum" without explanation, he cannot tell whether it relates to filth or sin.

It is sometimes thought strange that the So of Songs should be in the Scripture Canon. It is but a more particular elaboration of what is boldly brought to notice in the quotations above. It does not turn back to itself in coarse brute craving of lust for its own self-indulgence.