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08-Mar-2019 18:27

Much ink has been spilled about Ortiz, so let’s just stick with the statistics here.

He was projected to be worth 2.6 WAR this season, and has been at -0.5 thus far, tied for last on the team.

That said, as Red Sox fans on this site, I think we can all agree we’re less than thrilled about…08/28/2012: It appears things may be over before married life began for the Will Middlebrooks and fiancee Ann Lux.

In a discovery first reported on by Busted Coverage, Ann tweeted a picture of her and her female friends out for the night where Ann was out sans engagement ring.

Here’s the tally so far from last summer’s trade – Lackey: 1.7 WAR, Allen Craig and Joe Kelly: -0.8 WAR.

Now, that’s a little misleading, since the breakdown is Craig at -1.4 WAR and Kelly at 0.6.

Projected for 3.4 WAR prior to the season, Sandoval has instead been worth -0.3 WAR, and even if he hits his rest of season projection of 1.7 WAR – which seems unlikely – he’ll finish the year at 1.4 WAR.

The Christian Vazquez-Ryan Hanigan duo wasn’t expected to light the world on fire, but between them they were projected for 2.7 WAR, which would have put them squarely in the middle of the pack.

Well, we should say ex-wife as they are apparently…UPDATE: 11/30/2011: Many Boston media outlets are reporting that Catherine and Jason are expecting their first child together in May.

This will be the first for Catherine and Jason’s fourth, having three from his previous marriage. ***************** 11/23/2011: According to the Boston Herald, Jason Varitek will marry Catherine Panagiotopoulos over the long Thanksgiving weekend.

Sandoval has been hitting balls softly and hitting balls on the ground at career-high percentages, and is so out of sync that he’s swinging at balls in the strike zone four percent less frequently than he has throughout his career.

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He was forecast for the same 3.4 WAR as Sandoval, and is at nearly the same place now, -0.4 WAR.Our money to replace Epstein as general manager of the Red Sox is on current Vice President of Player Personnel/former interim-GM/long-time Red Sox understudy, Ben Cherington.

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