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05-Apr-2019 20:36

Everyone’s made an embarrassing faux pas on social media before, but most of us don’t do it in front of 1.8 million followers, like Camila Morrone just did when she mistook actor Josh Lucas for Sacha Baron Cohen.

Camila, 22, who’s dating 44-year-old Leonardo Di Caprio, posted a photo of herself on Instagram at the podium of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Grants Banquet this week, captioned: ‘I’m really good at keeping my cool. The Wedding Crashers star, 43, took to the comments to confirm the man in the photo had no resemblance to Sacha Baron Cohen, writing: ‘That’s not my husband? In fact, the man standing next to the model is Josh Lucas – you may remember him from the likes of Sweet Home Alabama.

His interviews with former NBC anchor Ted Koppel and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders are both high profile and brilliant to watch.

The look of pure bemusement on Koppel and Sanders’s faces is a solid reason to go back and watch episode one of Who is America?

Embed from Getty Images Erran is by far the best character in Who is America? His fake underwear sketch, in particular, is simply magic.

He also interviewed former Vice Presidplent (to the Bush administration) Dick Cheney and managed to get him to sign his waterboarding kit. The amount of Republican politicians and supporters he duped into publicly supporting the scheme to put firearms in the hands of four to 12-year-olds was both ludicrous and frightening. He was Baron Cohen’s first persona and is synonymous with Sacha and his style of comedy.

A fan commented: ‘Precisely in that moment Josh Lucas and her were talking about your husband and how cool it was that Camila spoke just after him. ’ Camila has yet to make the post less ambiguous, and hasn’t replied to people telling her about the mix-up. The model has been dating Leonardo since January 2018, and last week hit back at trolls who criticised the 22-year age gap between them.

She said on her Instagram story: ‘Good morning, people, and happy Friday.

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