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Whenever any false statement or misrepresentation has been made in the application for permit, plans, drawings, data specifications, or certified lot or plot plan on which the issuance of the permit for approval was based; Whenever there is a violation of any of the conditions of an approval or occupancy given by the Building Inspector for the use of all new materials, equipment, methods of construction, devices or appliances.

The notice revoking a permit, certificate of occupancy or approval shall be in writing and may be served upon the applicant for the permit, owner of the premises, or his or her agent, if any, and on the person having charge of construction.

Within 10 working days from the date a foundation is installed, backfilled, and rough graded, and prior to any additional work being performed, a post-foundation survey shall be submitted to the Zoning Administrator.

The Zoning Administrator shall not authorize any additional construction work to be performed until and unless a survey is submitted which shows: Waiver of Some Requirements.

The Building Inspector shall make a written annual report to the governing body of the municipality relative to these matters.

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See "loads."Degree days are figured as the number of degrees the mean outdoor temperature deviates from 65° F. As specifically regulated by this building code, anything which is constructed, erected and framed of component parts, such as buildings, towers, masts, poles, booms, signs, decorations, machinery and equipment.No stormwater or surface water drains may be connected with the sanitary sewer system, whether installed above or below the surface of the ground. No building shall be repaired, altered or moved within or into the Village that has deteriorated 50% or more of its equalized value, or has been damaged by any cause (including moving and separation from its foundation and service connections in case of moved buildings), and no permit shall be granted to repair, alter or move such building within or into the Village.