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What I like about Pop Tox is that you see dialpad on homepage and can make calls directly from there.

You are not required to sign up or make a payment before you can start making free internet calls.

Go To Meeting is great for smaller scale offices that are looking for an easy to use online meeting platform. Citrix’s Go To Meeting has many great features including screen sharing, keyboard/mouse control, Vo IP and drawing tools.

However, not all of the features Go To Meeting has to offer is available for Mac users.v Connect with the people that make your business run via HD video, voice or text.

Yes, for international phone calls, you can set your real mobile phone number as your caller ID. If you make regular international calls, you know that it can be expensive to make international calls. It does not charge any international transaction fees as you are paying in the same currency as the origin of your payment method. It is the world's first VOIP provider to offer international calls via Bitcoin based payments. lets Brik lets you track how much you spend on every single call.

That way, when you make an international call, the other person sees your real phone number - even though you are not calling from your mobile phone. You no longer have to share your Skype ID with someone. I noticed that for most countries, it is 40%-60% cheaper than Skype. We all know that Skype charges various "hidden" fees for international calls, such as "connection fees" and "expiry dates". You can see a record of all your prior calls, exact call duration and charges for each call. Most customer inquires are answered personally by a human being in less than 1 hour. If for any reason you are not 100% satoisfied with the service or the quality of the call, you can get full refund back.

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I like the ability to move from one device to the next, from one operating system such as Mac OS to Windows and still be able to use it from a standard web browser 2- You can set your phone number as your caller ID. 7- lets Brik lets you pay in more than 30 currencies via Master Card, Pay Pal, Visa, American Express, Discover Card and Bitcoin.

We see more and more communication platforms now embracing web environment.