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News, an approach that involved a series of private jets, UK customs officials willing to check her passport on the tarmac, blacked-out sedans and dates spent in private locales where, says the source, "they could really get to know each other without the pressure of being in a public relationship and people making judgment calls." revealed "Taylor's Secret Brit Love" in May of 2017, the couple maintained their cloak and dagger routine, rarely stepping out in public together and certainly never showing their faces.

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In the early months, Swift and the London-based actor, 27, went into "lockdown" mode, a source told E!Some five months after he turned up in New York City to watch Swift close out Z100's i Heart Radio Jingle Ball concert, Alwyn was on hand to see her kick off her Reputation Stadium Tour in May, the singer subtly acknowledging his presence by pointing toward the direction of his VIP seat before launching into "Gorgeous." And instead of getting her squad back together for the standard Fourth of July bash at her oceanside spread in Rhode Island, Swift enjoyed a different type of Independence Day this summer, perhaps a celebration of her freedom from the expectations of her past.During a getaway to Turks & Caicos she and the actor (once lauded as the next big thing by ) visited the hotel's gym, made daily pilgrimages to the beach and enjoyed snorkeling, pretty much everything you'd expect from a young pair vacationing in a tropical locale.Song: 'Lover'Lyric: "I've loved you three summers now, honey, but I want 'em all"Why fans think this is about Joe: Rumour has it, Taylor and Joe started dating in summer 2016 aka three summers ago.

Song: 'I Think He Knows'Lyric: "He got that boyish look that I like in a man."Why fans think this is about Joe: I mean, you've seen him, right? Boy I fancy you."Why fans think this is about Joe: He was born and raised in London. So where Joe and Tay met isn't 100% clear, which makes the start date to this timeline a tad tricky but, bear with us. I know what you're thinking, this link may seem tenuous given that the whole of Hollywood goes BUT Swift's new song 'Dress' - where she sings: 'Flashback to when you met me/ Your buzz cut/ And my hair bleached' -has provided some fans with the theory that the 2016 event could be significant. At the gala, Joe's hair is certainly shorter and Taylor rocks a bleached blonde bob...

The newly single star has built an empire by pouring her heartbreaks into her art — so if you’re new to Taylor fandom (or if you just want to reminisce about some amazing break-up tracks), here’s a comprehensive list of all the songs inspired by Taylor’s menagerie of exes: This song from Fearless also contains another instance of Taylor just full-on name-dropping.