The rebound guy dating

13-Mar-2019 03:17

If you want a relationship: She’ll probably have the idea by now that you genuinely like her.

Tell her that you have feelings for her but that you don’t want to rush anything.

If you want a relationship: Invite her to something a bit more personal (your friend’s birthday party perhaps), or go get coffee close to her place.

If you guys do end up hanging out, don’t call it a date, but do shower and look dashing so she gets the hint that you consider her worth looking dapper for.

The second reason is a bit sweeter; a guy may decide that he doesn’t want to be a sexual/emotional tent pole through her up-in-the-air gallivanting because he (pause for gasp) really likes her.

Now if you really like the girl you should be extremely careful about putting yourself into the rebound zone (similar to the friend zone but with more bow chicka wow wow).

BUT regardless of how the meet happened, the idea of being a rebound gets a bad reputation for two main reasons.

First, when one discovers he may be a rebound his initial reaction is to run for the hills because he fears she’ll get attached.

If she’s worth it to you, then it should be worth it to you to wait, or allow her to date other people.

Say, “Shit happens, you’re tough; you’ll be fine,” or “Want to go get a beer and play darts and get your mind off of it?

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