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For now, they represent a chance to find a scarce coin in your pocket change.Westward Journey Nickels After an uninterrupted run of 65 years, there are changes in the works for the nickel.Featuring a pair of clasped hands below a crossed peace pipe and axe, the reverse also bears the legend "Louisiana Purchase 1803 to commemorate the year this historic purchase was made.The Keelboat coin, released in late 2004, features an image of the keelboat Lewis and Clark used to traverse the rivers of the Louisiana Territory to search for a passage to the Pacific Ocean. Things changed even more with the release of the 2005 coins.

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As this is written in February 2005, these coins are still quite scarce, with the Extra Leaf Low variety somewhat scarcer than the Extra Leaf High variety, and each scarce variety coin currently brings three figure retail prices.This would produce an impression in the die which would create a raised element on the coins produced." Unexplained, though, is the location of the die modification and the fact that both varieties resemble extra leaves on a corn stalk.

Now, obviously, even if Stephanie is a time-traveler, cutting a man's hair could only change his life after the haircut and not his history. By severing his hair, Stephanie was severing Jesse's connection to his original past. Also, since the particulars of time-travel in this universe are not known, we might suppose that, not only are these people capable of traveling bodily through time, they are also capable of advancing or regressing time in the context of their own body, an "age-travel" if you will.… continue reading »

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Minnukettu/Mangalsutra: The tradition of Mangalsutra or popularly known as Minnukettu in Kerala is a Hindu custom adaptation by Syrian Christian from Kerala. Its design generally consists of a small leaf pendant made of gold.… continue reading »

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Over time we will be adding many of the features that our users had come to enjoy.… continue reading »

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We also can’t hear the name without singing the David Bowie song, is it just us?… continue reading »

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Here are some other generalized tips (not rules, since everyone is different) from my experience: It’s a good idea to see how actual German people interact with each other before diving in, which you can do on Fluent U.… continue reading »

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