Unmoderated web cams

09-Jun-2019 08:18

In your recruitment screening, make sure the participant has a microphone and camera (optional) for their desktop macine.It’s easy to assume everyone does these days, but many don’t.In this setup, you are moderating a session where your participant is not in the same physical location as the you.You’re using Zoom for both the video-conference and the session recording.This will prevent one participant joining early while you’re running late with the previous one.It’s worth testing the Zoom setup with them in some way before the day of the actual session.I recommend you define a designated observation room and ask everyone to go to that room and join the call from there.This way, there is only one meeting room visibly in the call rather than a dozen individuals.

Alternatively you can do a pre call before the day of the session, to test everything out.I use an IPEVO 2 document camera which is no longer available, but its replacement looks pretty good. Some people prefer a rig/sled to allow the user to hold the device more naturally.I get this argument, but so far still prefer a document camera.You can have loads of people on the call without worrying about spooking your participant because they are looking at their phone and not your computer (of course, tell them people might join to watch).

I’ve had observers from Edinburgh, London, Budapest, Barcelona and Singapore all watching the session online at the same time. People have a tendency to accidentally unmute themselves at times.ore years ago than I care to admit, UX research (it wasn’t called that then) tended to take place in usability testing labs with heaps of expensive audiovisual equipment and sound desks.