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26-Apr-2019 23:04

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Builder() Ssid Pattern(Pattern Matcher("test", Pattern Matcher. PATTERN_PREFIX)) Bssid Pattern(Mac String(":"), Mac String("ff:ff:ff:")) .build() val request = Network Request. TRANSPORT_WIFI) .remove Capability(Network Capabilities. NET_CAPABILITY_INTERNET) Network Specifier(specifier) .build() val connectivity Manager = System Service(Context.CONNECTIVITY_SERVICE) as Connectivity Manager val network Callback = object : Connectivity Manager.In the past, users could access this functionality via reflection.

Add the following options to your Gradle or Bazel configuration file to build an APK with uncompressed DEX code: Gradle The platform's TLS implementation now supports TLS 1.3.

Android Q adds support for peer-to-peer connections.

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