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16-Mar-2019 07:05

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A smartphone application named after a mythological bird lets users browse marijuana the same way they might a potential date.Budbo, developed by a four-member team, uses the familiar swipe left/swipe right mechanic from the dating app Tinder to allow users to pick what strain of weed they'd like to purchase, and - if you live in a state like Washington that allows marijuana sales - where to get it.“(We said) let’s space them out so it’s not distracting.So I think we figured 6 feet was a good distance.” Figuring out the logistics of hosting an event where lots of people come to your farm to do manual labor is one thing, figuring out how to get those people to the farm in the first place is an entirely different topic of discussion altogether.Budbo hopes to begin charging dispensaries to promote their products on the application, Heldreth said.

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Heldreth said the logo is not meant to entice younger users of marijuana, which is outlawed under the laws governing advertising in the state's regulations of the drug, but to show the app provides a similar service to marijuana consumers as the mythological owl in the 1981 movie.

Farms in Idaho, Kentucky, Florida, Missouri, Colorado, California, and Texas have hosted these agricultural events.